Three Mistakes Make Other Users Swipe Left on Your Profile

If you search the word “hookup” in app stores, you will find the number of these apps are doubling in the past ten years. At the beginning, we should have a basic understanding of the hookup culture. The word “hook up” was introduced to the US in the 1920s and then in the 1960s , this culture becomes more and more popular with the rise of the gender liberation movement and various equal rights movements. With the delay of the establishment of families and the advance of puberty, many people are afraid of being in a serious relationship or starting a family psychologically and physically. As a result, more and more hookup apps are well-known. According to many apps’ rule, if the users swipe left of others’ profile, it means that he/she is not interested to you. However, we know that this active just happens in just few seconds. What can we do to make others swipe right which shows he/she is interested to you. Here are three common mistakes that we should avoid.

Firstly , using group photos or photos with another sister or brother instead of yourself. Please don’t do that again! For the group photo, other people just cannot see who you are as you are just strangers. Many people are convinced that the person who uses a group photo is not confident and less charming. A confident and lovely girl or boy will show up their own pictures. As long as group photos are not used as the head picture, they can be uploaded, which will also show your character and life. Either ,don’t use the photos with your sisters. No hookup apps users want to spend much time and energy to recognize who you are.

Secondly, there is no Bio or your Bio is totally copied from the internet. Pictures and Bio also can be seen on the screen. Maybe you look really hot on the photo but other people can make sure you are really a good person as the app is a virtual world. With a relatively real Bio, other users may feel you are more trusty. Then ,hope that you can remember not to totally copy the bio from the internet which also make other hookup meet me app users feel you are not real and you are a bad guy who wants to take advantage of them.

Thirdly, using the pictures of your car or your office. Why I said this? On the one hand, Your car photo may make others feel you are arrogant. On the other hand, they will doubt whether your information is true if you have a very expensive car.  For using your office photos, the users may feel you life is very boring full of work and you are not a good flirting partner. No further moves they will make. Therefore , you should avoid these pictures and leave a good first impression to your potential dating users.

 Avoiding three mistakes above aims to make your future hookup partners think you are trusty and real and hope you can have wonderful dating adventure!

Three Casual Hookup Rules You Need to Know

Nowadays, casual hookups are fairly common. Single men and women usually find physical comfort and vent their desires with the help of casual hookups. For those unmarried people who have lived alone for a long time, people around them usually encourage them to find casual relationships. There are many places to find casual hookups, and the most common one is naturally bars that open at night. Some bars in red light districts are themed by casual relationships. In these bars, many men and women are looking for suitable date hookup partners. Generally speaking, those who are looking for casual relationships have to abide by some customary rules, which are very important to everyone. 

First of all, both parties in a casual hookup must abide by the principle of "safe hookup", which means to use condoms. Usually in bars and clubs where casual relationships are more frequent, there will be condom vending machines, and almost every young person will carry one or two condoms in his pockets to prepare for the sudden appearance of casual relationships. Most people will not hook up with strangers without a condom. 

The second rule is that the two parties in a casual hookup cannot continue to harass each other afterwards without reaching a consensus. This is naturally the essence of a casual hookup. However, it is not uncommon for people to eventually become real lovers. But in any case, both participants need to know how to behave in a delicate situation. However, it is usually difficult to execute because one of the two people is more attached to the other. Most of the troubles caused by casual hookups are related to this.

The third rule is that once someone discovers that he or she has contracted a certain sexually transmitted disease, then he or she has the responsibility to get in touch with all those who have hooked up with him or her, and tell the truth. This rule seems to be the same as the after-sales service of the product. Although you will not have extra time to care for others when you have been infected with a STD, it is necessary for you to tell the truth. Once you conceal the fact, more and more people are likely to contract the disease. 

Of course, it doesn't matter how people evaluate a casual hookup because morals and customs are changing every minute and every second. The most urgent issue to consider is whether you feel comfortable when hooking up, and whether you are safe afterwards. If you are unhappy with what the other person has done to you, the best way is to stop at once. What’s more, go to the hospital for an examination if you worry about your safety. Actually, in some conservative countries, casual relationships are still taboo. If you are discontented with local hookups and want to find excitement elsewhere, you had better watch your step. It is not embarrassing to solve physical needs, but please remember safety first.

The Signs of Falling in Love with Your Hookup Buddy

Casual hookups are not rare in today’s society, but it is hard to see someone turning a hookup buddy into his or her significant other. The chance is very slim, and a very small number of people can make it. Maybe you have started to worry that you will get hurt someday because you fall in love with your hookup buddy. If you are not sure if you are in love with the other person in the casual relationship, you can refer to the following signs. 

The Signs of Falling in Love with Your date Hookup Buddy

1. Look forward to meeting the other person. Both you and the other person get along with each other in a casual way, but when you fall in love with the other person, your feeling have changed. You start to look forward to meeting your partner, or even before you meet, you pay more attention to your dressing and makeup. Maybe in the past, you were always late, but now you begin to arrive on time and hope to see the other person sooner.

2. Contact the other person more and more frequently. In the past, the frequency of contact was once every one or two months. Has it increased recently? In the conversation with the other party, in addition to the meeting, have you also begun to look forward to the other party’s greetings? For example, when you wake up in the morning, you hope to say good morning to the other party, and say good night to him or her before going to bed at night. Has such frequent conversations slowly penetrated into your life? 

3. Want to go further with the other person. Would you like the other person to hold your hand when you go out? When the clerk misunderstands that you are a couple, don’t you want to rush to deny it? Do you want to spend more time with the other person on birthdays, Valentine's Day, and at Christmas? If you have experienced such thoughts, there is no doubt that you have fallen in love with your tinder hookup buddy. This idea of going further with the other party shouldn't actually appear in the casual relationship. If you start to expect him or her to spend most time accompanying you, you are likely to fall in love unconsciously. 

4. Want to know the other person’s daily routine. If you start to wonder what the other person does every day, and you are more curious about his or her life, you must pay more attention because you may fall in love with your hookup buddy.

5. Feel uneasy and insecure. Do you start to feel lonely after the other person leaves your home? Do you think that the other person’s every move will always affect your emotions? If so, you have passed the ups and downs of love, but the bitterness of suspicion. You will feel upset, uneasy, insecure and nervous because your emotions have lost control. 

Final Words

If the above signs happen to you, you are more likely to fall in love with your hookup partner. However, no matter if you have already developed affection for the other person, it is better to stop deceiving yourself first. You have to examine your feelings and thoughts, and then quickly analyze yourself, which is more conducive for you to face yourself.

The Side Effects of Hookup Apps

Now, dating apps are becoming more and more common. You don’t need to go out to make friends. You can also choose the people you want to chat with on hookup apps. Many people like to make friends. However, using online dating apps to make friends can actually cause negative effects.

1. You may want to give up love. Using the dating meet me app is to look for a single person who matches you and have a romantic relationship with him or her. In the process of searching, you may put too much expectation on the person you had never met before and imagine that the other person is the right person you are looking for. In the state of choosing or being selected, you repeatedly have a connection with strangers. After spending time and giving sincere heart to the other party, there is just a bad result for you. After countless disappointments, you will gradually lose your heart. When you start to give up using dating apps with the goal of finding your significant other, you will find that the chances of meeting friends are very small because everyone has the mentality of finding a love partner.

2. It is easy for you to be anxious. Although the free hookup apps enables you to chat with the person you like and have a better understanding of the other person, you can easily be affected by the other person's words and actions when you are too involved. Maybe the other party doesn’t reply to the message, or suddenly disappears, or you are disappointed due to the direct rejection. In the process of waiting, you have unlimited expectations and fantasies for the other party. Therefore, when the other party's behavior is different from what you expect, an uneasy and uncomfortable mentality will arise. In the long run, this emotional stress can make you prone to depression.

3. Lose yourself in order to gain attention. The dating app runs in the way of a mutual selection. While choosing others, you also hope that others can choose you, so more desires emerge. You begin to pay attention to whether the published photos are attractive, whether the words are interesting and unique. You follow the trend, and change your own style to suit the tastes of other people. These behaviors distort the true self and create a false self in order to gain attention. 

If you have the above symptoms, it means you are overly dependent on hookup apps. In fact, as long as you use the adult app easily, there is no problem. There is no need to treat everyone who agrees to chat with you as a love partner. If you can get along well with each other, you can meet. Don’t pay too much attention to the words on the adult app. Being rejected does not mean that you are not attractive. It may be that the other party’s hands are slippery, or you just happen to be not the type that the other party likes. Use online hookup apps properly, and don’t doubt your charm for the sake of virtual apps.