Three Casual Hookup Rules You Need to Know

Nowadays, casual hookups are fairly common. Single men and women usually find physical comfort and vent their desires with the help of casual hookups. For those unmarried people who have lived alone for a long time, people around them usually encourage them to find casual relationships. There are many places to find casual hookups, and the most common one is naturally bars that open at night. Some bars in red light districts are themed by casual relationships. In these bars, many men and women are looking for suitable date hookup partners. Generally speaking, those who are looking for casual relationships have to abide by some customary rules, which are very important to everyone. 

First of all, both parties in a casual hookup must abide by the principle of "safe hookup", which means to use condoms. Usually in bars and clubs where casual relationships are more frequent, there will be condom vending machines, and almost every young person will carry one or two condoms in his pockets to prepare for the sudden appearance of casual relationships. Most people will not hook up with strangers without a condom. 

The second rule is that the two parties in a casual hookup cannot continue to harass each other afterwards without reaching a consensus. This is naturally the essence of a casual hookup. However, it is not uncommon for people to eventually become real lovers. But in any case, both participants need to know how to behave in a delicate situation. However, it is usually difficult to execute because one of the two people is more attached to the other. Most of the troubles caused by casual hookups are related to this.

The third rule is that once someone discovers that he or she has contracted a certain sexually transmitted disease, then he or she has the responsibility to get in touch with all those who have hooked up with him or her, and tell the truth. This rule seems to be the same as the after-sales service of the product. Although you will not have extra time to care for others when you have been infected with a STD, it is necessary for you to tell the truth. Once you conceal the fact, more and more people are likely to contract the disease. 

Of course, it doesn't matter how people evaluate a casual hookup because morals and customs are changing every minute and every second. The most urgent issue to consider is whether you feel comfortable when hooking up, and whether you are safe afterwards. If you are unhappy with what the other person has done to you, the best way is to stop at once. What’s more, go to the hospital for an examination if you worry about your safety. Actually, in some conservative countries, casual relationships are still taboo. If you are discontented with local hookups and want to find excitement elsewhere, you had better watch your step. It is not embarrassing to solve physical needs, but please remember safety first.